The 5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing AI

1. Can you identify the risks that the technology addresses? 2. Can you ensure accurate data inputs? 3. How will the technology affect stakeholder relations and security practices? 4. Can it be tested to ensure transparency and accountability? 5.... Read More

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The $150k Problem with Courtesy

Below is an excerpt from the White Paper, "The AI (R)Evolution of Enterprise Security" What may seem like a small problem, tailgating or piggybacking through entryways can lead to an array of larger, and much more costly, safety concerns. In a... Read More

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3 Ways Every Investigator Should Be Using AI Right Now

3 Ways Every Investigator Should Be Using AI Right Now Collect video faster from the public Review & search video Create & share reports Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in almost every part of our lives. Instead of hailing cabs on the street... Read More

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Case Study: The Running Man

One detective + 743 hours of video + 4 hours of work = 1 felony case Read More

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Vintra Verdicts: Mr. 98%

  "Vintra Verdicts" will be a regular blog posting about the successes our clients experience using our video analytics solution, FulcrumAI. Read More

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