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Posted by Vintra on June 20 , 2019


Vintra is excited to have the opportunity to present on the force-multiplying power of Artificial Intelligence at the upcoming BOMA Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. CEO Brent Boekestein will be speaking in the Technology & Innovation Track. Continue reading for more details, and to see the two recent articles related to building and enterprise management in which Mr. Boekestein was quoted.



Vintra CEO, Brent Boekestein, provides insight in two recent Buildings Magazine articles:

  • Removing the Mystique from Artificial Intelligence
    • "Here’s the arc of where we’re headed," says Brent Boekestein. "Today, AI assists human beings by providing information, and the human makes the judgment. In operations it can tell you that your lobby was cleaned four times this week. In security it can tell you we saw this really bad guy 14 times. ...The next step is augmenting that information and suggesting insights or actions," he continues. "Such as suggesting you notify your cleaning team that they didn’t meet your quota or adjust your guard pattern."

  • Managers: Stop Worrying and Start Loving AI
    • "First, quantify the value areas you’re looking to impact, such as expense reduction, productivity gains or customer-satisfaction measurables. Without a target, it’s tough to hit the bullseye. Next, try out the AI-powered technologies. Any good technology partner will have a low-friction way to test and validate results against the desired value areas. Finally, request customer references to ensure that trial results have translated to the real world."

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Are you attending BOMA in Salt Lake City, Utah? Be sure to check out Brent's session, A Brain for Your Camera's Eyes: Improve Security, Operations, Safety and Compliance with Artificial Intelligence, on June 23, 2019 from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM in Salt Palace Room 251C.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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