Case Study: Bet on Red

Posted by Kevin Thomas on February 25 , 2019


Inside the Case Study:

  • A major enterprise customer experienced the power of Vintra's industry-leading multi-class detections
  • They performed fast, accurate search of over 13 hours of video, instantly, and produced accurate results
  • The customer easily created a Face-Rec powered Blocklist and caught an active member of the list

Check out the latest case study from Vintra to see how our on-premises, real-time deployment of FulcrumAI goes above and beyond merely being able to deliver accurate face recognition. With our solution, customers will truly be able to harness the power of deep learning. 

Read the Case Study

For more information on how FulcrumAI can be a force multiplier for your organization, drop us a line at to request a demo today. 

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