Automating Campus Security

Posted by Vintra on April 05 , 2019

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AI-powered solutions, like video analytics, empower security stakeholders with the tools needed to protect the people, places, and critical assets that make up their campuses. Read the latest article by Vintra in Campus Security & Life Safety's magazine to find out how

In the March/April issue of Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine, Vintra CEO, Brent Boekestein, writes about the future of campus security. The article, Automating Campus Security with Deep Learning Security Solutions, discusses how advancements in deep learning solutions, like video analytics, has given campus security and safety stakeholders new, comprehensive tools to create measurably safer environments. 


Read the article here.

Are you looking for ways to improve campus security, but don't want to spend a ton of money on new cameras? Our team of specialists are happy to show you a demo of FulcrumAI, the only deep learning-powered video analytics solution that can be deployed in the cloud and on-premises that works with your existing camera infrastructure and gives you the ability to add AI to any type of camera, including mobile. 

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