Artificial Intelligence 6.22.2018

Posted by Kevin Thomas on June 22 , 2018

The Best Things we read in AI this Week

"Artificial Intelligence" is Vintra's weekly round-up of AI-related articles, blogs, videos, and papers we liked. 

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  • Photoshop for Dummies ... or, on second thought, Adobe is using artificial intelligence to identify photoshopped images. Read the article here.  
    The company’s latest work, showcased this month at the CVPR computer vision conference, demonstrates how digital forensics done by humans can be automated by machines in much less time.
  • AI-powered safety and efficiency for the construction industry. Read the article here. 
    Construction workers are killed on the job five times more often than other laborers. Now a new kind of construction worker—a data scientist—aims to use artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of injury and intervene.
  • Videos from everyday-people driving are speeding us towards safer and better autonomous vehicles. Read the article here
    The videos are from tens of thousands of rides of normal drivers. They contain not only high resolution images, but also location and movement measurements to record the cars’ trajectories. In total, the dataset has 100,000 driving videos collected from more than 50,000 rides, covering New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and other regions.
  • Facebook has open-sourced DensePose, their real-time approach to mapping 2D images of humans into 3D surface-based models. Read the announcement here.  
    Recent research in human understanding aims primarily at localizing a sparse set of joints, like the wrists, or elbows of humans. This may suffice for applications like gesture or action recognition, but it delivers a reduced image interpretation. We wanted to go further. Imagine trying new clothes on via a photo, or putting costumes on your friend’s photos. For these tasks, a more complete, surface-based image interpretation is required.

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