Case Study: The Bank Robbery

Posted by Kevin Thomas on August 02 , 2018


How FulcrumAI was used:

  1. Quickly reviewed and indexed 50+ hours of video
  2. To identify the suspect's vehicle in grainy footage
  3. Performed a subject search using face recognition to identify suspect

Five detectives in the Pacific Northwest discovered how easy it is to use FulcrumAI, when they uploaded over 50 hours of video related to a bank robbery and within minutes found their targets. Each detective had spent 8 hours each reviewing the video in the weeks before, to no avail.

Bank Robbery Case Study

Download the case study to see how FulcrumAI broke the case wide open, and delivered valuable actionable intelligence with hardly any work required of the detectives. 

Interested in seeing a demo of the solution, or starting a free trial? 

Topics: Case Studies, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Video Analytics, Face Recognition, facial recognition

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