GSX Highlights & Recap

Posted by Vintra on September 19 , 2019

GSX Recap

The Vintra team blew into Chicago and had a successful show at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in the Windy City.  Highlights include the unveiling of our FulcrumAI Appliance, and CEO Brent Boekestein speaking on a panel about the future of AI-powered security solutions for the enterprise.

The best minds in Security and Safety gathered for three days in Chicago, IL for GSX 2019. Vintra is proud to have exhibited and presented during the show. Our award-winning video analytics solution, FulcrumAI, drew large crowds to the booth from start to finish. Visitors were able to experience a live demo of the on-premises, real-time capabilities of FulcrumAI such as weapon detection, facial recognition, and person down, as well as experience our technology in Genetec’s Security Center

CEO Brent Boekestein was a speaker on a panel and provided the technology perspective to a thought provoking discussion on Synthetic Intelligence. 

The session explored the challenges and opportunities in synthesizing AI-powered solutions into comprehensive security operations. From our CEO’s perspective, there were two key themes that emerged from this discussion: 


Customers need to know how algorithms were trained, if the companies providing them are actually building them or reselling someone else’s tech, how they will perform on public data and actual customer data, and how they will improve over time.  Not so different than if you were going to hire a security guard you would review their resume and do a background check. If you’re going to hire an algorithm, you should do the same.

Synthetic intelligence

We do not do ourselves any favors in the industry by calling it artificial intelligence. Artificial is a word that represents a sham or a fake. We should appreciate the intelligence that new systems like ours provide by calling it synthetic intelligence. It means we don’t compare it to a human being, but instead that it stands on its own as useful. It will likely be augmentative to human capabilities at first and then, eventually, replace them overtime.

Panel Details:

Is Intelligence a Human Function? Synthetic Intelligence at Scale 

"AI, ML, MI and the myriad of other acronyms all point to a continued misunderstanding of what advanced computing potential can mean for the security industry. By demystifying the broad scope of these technologies into a singular function-Augmented Intelligence, we can begin to explore the principle value this creates for the decision-making process. As humans, decisions are processed at different levels of consciousness. Explore the challenges and opportunities created in synthesizing these intelligent operations into comprehensive security operations."

Do you have an upcoming speaking opportunity that Brent Boekestein would be a great addition to? Reach out to us through our Contact Us page and let us know about it!

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