Best in AI — 8.24.2018

Posted by Kevin Thomas on August 24 , 2018

The Best Things we read in AI this Week

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Using WiFi as an environmental sensor, and metal detector. A insightful, funny read. Read the article here.

Wi-Fi fills our lives. Almost every public space has Wi-Fi access. But, as the dead zone in your upstairs bedroom already tells you, Wi-Fi transmission is modified by its environment. This means we can use Wi-Fi signals to learn about that environment.

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Stanford researchers are working on AI-powered image recognition for medical devicesRead the article here. 

...researchers at Stanford University have devised a new type of artificially intelligent camera system that can classify images faster and more energy efficiently, and that could one day be built small enough to be embedded in the [medical] devices themselves, something that is not possible today.

"Lemonadegate" and the potential impact of AI on literally enforcing laws. Read the article here.

Laws rarely explicitly exempt child-run food establishments run off a folding card table on a front lawn, leaving it to law enforcement, health departments and lawmakers to intervene when the local news crew shows up to cover armed police being dispatched to shut down a first grader’s bake sale. This raises the question of what will happen as AI gradually takes over the law enforcement and judicial systems and replaces human judgment with the cold algorithmic efficiency of enforcing laws verbatim as they are written on paper.

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